Remote Control

Cascable’s remote control tools allow you to remote control your camera from the comfort of your iOS device.

To take a photo, use the shutter control at the bottom of the image preview. The smaller button on the left triggers autofocus, and the larger button on the right triggers the shutter and takes the photo. You can hold down the autofocus button then slide to the right or tap the right button with another finger to focus then take a photo in one movement.

To adjust exposure settings, swipe up and down on the four displays at the bottom of the image preview on iPad, or use the adjustment controls in the toolbar on iPhone. Changeable settings depend on which mode your camera is in — if it’s in full Manual mode you’ll be able to change shutter speed, aperture and ISO. However, if it’s in full auto, you’ll only be able to change exposure compensation.

The remote control has various useful overlays, which can be toggled on and off by tapping the relevant icons in the toolbar.