Cascable 3.x Feature Roadmap

Cascable 3.0 introduces subscriptions as an alternative to the $29.99 one-time purchase for Cascable's Pro features. We believe that a monthly commitment goes both ways, so this page contains our plans for Cascable's future feature updates. Got a feature suggestion? Get in touch!

Important: This roadmap is presented as a good faith rendition of our future plans, but due to operational reasons we can't guarantee any particular feature will be released at any particular time. We reserve the right to delay, cancel, or rearrange any feature release for any reason at any time.

August 2017: Fujifilm and Panasonic LUMIX Support, Geotagging

Cascable 3.0 released in August 2017 with added support for Fujifilm and Panasonic LUMIX cameras, as well as a major new feature — Geotagging.

September 2017: iOS 11 Enhancements

iOS 11 will be released in September with some great enhancements for apps like Cascable. We'll be implementing support for the new Files app, allowing other apps to import your photos from Cascable with ease. We'll also be adding drag-and-drop, providing a powerful new way of interacting with your photos.

October – November 2017: Shutter Robot Enhancements

You've been asking, and we've been listening! We'll be improving our existing Shutter Robot modules and adding a couple more, including a Bulb Bracketing module.

We've also received a lot of feedback about the need for more powerful options than Shutter Robot can currently provide. The difficulty here is that everyone's request has been different, so we can't build a single Shutter Robot module to encompass everyone's needs. So, alongside the new modules we'll be introducing, we'll also be adding a completely new way of automating your shots. An 'Advanced Mode', if you will.

Further Into The Future

These features haven't quite got a firmly planned order or release date yet, but we'll be continuing with at least one feature update every two months. Want one feature before another? Get in touch!

Pro Export

Cascable is designed to be a workflow tool, and an important part of any workflow is getting your photos to wherever they need to be once you've picked your favourites and performed any edits you need.

Cascable's Pro Export will provide the ability to create batch "Export Recipies" to control sizing, export format/quality, IPTC metadata and more.

Enhancements to Calculations

Cascable's calculations provide a convenient way to perform exposure calculations for tricky situations when a more manual approach is required.

We'll be adding more calculations to Cascable and hooking them all into the rest of the app where appropriate — for example, Cascable will be able to see the camera's exposure reading, apply a 10-stop difference for your ND filter and automatically set the shutter speed or set up Shutter Robot's Bulb Timer.

More Cameras and Fujifilm's "Wireless Tethering" Mode

Cascable 3.0 supports over 110 cameras for six different manufacturers — Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony. That's a lot of cameras, but there's always room for more!

Additionally, Fujifilm has released a firmware update for the X-T2 that adds a full "wireless tethering" mode to the camera, allowing greater control and access to RAW images. We'd love to support that too!

…And Lots More!

We can't give away all of our secrets! Have a feature you'd like to see in Cascable? Get in touch!