Cascable is made by a small company called Cascable AB, based in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. It was co-founded by Daniel and Tim.


Lead Engineer


Product Owner

Our Mission

Around 2010–11 the big camera manufacturers started adding cheap, slow Wi-Fi chips to their cameras, seemingly because their competition were also adding cheap, slow Wi-Fi chips to their cameras.

From the outside at least, no one seemed sure why they were adding Wi-Fi and what it would be used for. Remote wireless shutter triggering was about the limit of it.

The apps provided by the camera manufacturers were, and in most cases still are, quite restrictive and a little clunky.

The foundations under this low quality veneer are pretty solid though – with correct exploitation they open up a whole new workflow of possibilities. Over time, with each camera model that’s released, the quality and speed of those original cheap, slow Wi-Fi chips has improved.

Shooting product images for Cascable 1.0

Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming a more viable method of not only controlling your camera, but interacting with it, setting shots up, reviewing what you’ve taken, bringing your photos down, and starting work on the shots that show the most promise.

Cascable’s mission is to harness the full potential of our cameras, opening up powerful new workflows for photographers who want to set up, review, and share their work whilst on the move. All in the field, all wirelessly, and all with the device most of us carry in our pocket every day.