Cascable 3.4 Released!

We’re excited to announce the release of Cascable 3.4, bringing with it a great new quality-of-life feature, support for new Sony cameras, and several bug fixes. For full release notes, see our Version History page.

Quick Connect

If you’re running iOS 11 or higher and have a camera that displays a QR code when switching on Wi-Fi (Olympus, Sony, and some Panasonic models), Cascable’s new Quick Connect feature will save you a huge amount of fiddling about!

Instead of turning on your camera’s Wi-Fi, going to the Settings app, joining your camera’s Wi-Fi network and entering a password… simply tap the QR icon in Cascable and scan the code on your camera’s display to switch to the camera’s network and connect to it. Simple!

Support for Sony α7R III, α7 III, α9, and more

With this release, Cascable now supports the newer Sony cameras that removed support for Sony’s on-camera PlayMemories apps which Cascable relied on for remote control.

Unfortunately, when moving to their new remote control platform, Sony removed a significant number of capabilities from their protocol. This means that these cameras lose the following remote control features:

Sneak Peek: Shutter Robot Recipes

Autumn is almost over and, as always, we’re working hard on new features here at Cascable! However, there hasn’t been an update for a little while, so what’s going on?

First, we’ll be releasing a minor update in the next week or so that will add full support for the new iPhone X, and fix a few minor bugs. However, as noted on our roadmap, we’re due to release some improvements to Shutter Robot round about now, and I’d like to give you a sneak peek on what we’ve been working on — and invite you to test it out!


Shutter Robot Recipes!

Shutter Robot’s Recipes feature is the most powerful automation tool available for photographers on the go, allowing you to create and share powerful automations for your photography.

Recipes are an extension to our Shutter Robot feature that allow you to automate your camera in exactly the way you want. Recipes will be available on both iPhone and iPad, and will require iOS 11 or higher (the rest of Cascable still supports iOS 10). On the camera side, Recipes will work with all cameras supported by Cascable, subject to the usual limitations (for instance, Fujifilm cameras are unable to perform bulb exposures while being controlled via WiFi).

IMPORTANT: The screenshots that follow are from a pre-release version of Recipes, and don’t represent the final product we’ll ship in Cascable.

Cascable 3.0 Released!

We’re proud to announce the release of Cascable 3.0! Let’s dive right in to what’s new!

Increased Camera Support

As of version 3.0, Cascable now supports well over 100 cameras from six major manufacturers: Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony. Welcome, Fuji and Panasonic users! ☺️


Cascable 3.0’s main new feature is a powerful set of geotagging tools. You can view your geotagged photos on a map of the world, and manually tagging photos is as simple as selecting one or more of them and drag-and-dropping them onto the map.

Cascable 3.0 Pricing Changes and Upgrade Policy

We’ve been hard at work since late last year on our next major update to Cascable, and it’s nearly time for it to see the light of day! All going well, Cascable 3.0 will be released on August 8th, 2017 — just a week from now!

The reason we’re writing this early blog post is to discuss our pricing changes and the reasoning behind them, and to make sure that existing paid users know what’ll happen when they upgrade to Cascable 3.0.

Making the Most of Cascable: Success with Shutter Robot

Cascable’s Shutter Robot is a powerful tool for automating shots that require long exposure time, multiple exposures, or both. While we’ve tried to make Shutter Robot as smart as possible, there’s still a few things that you may need to keep in mind to make sure your shot timing stays accurate and reliable.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks that’ll help you get the very best results from Shutter Robot and your camera.

All of the photos in this article (except the one of the Sony camera) were shot with Shutter Robot.

Shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and a 10-stop ND filter
ISO 200, Shutter Speed 30s, Aperture f/8, Focal Length 7mm (35mm equivalent: 14mm)

Cascable 3.0: Have Your Say!

With 2017 now well underway we’re hard at work at Cascable HQ on our next big feature release. We can’t give away all of our secrets just yet, but let’s just say that we received a whole lot of work to do for our Christmas gifts!

Now’s the perfect time to get in touch if there’s something you wish Cascable could do. Tweet us @CascableApp or drop us a line at

To spur us on whilst we’re working on our next big release, why not send us some of the awesome shots you’ve taken with Cascable. Tag us in your tweets or Instagram posts using @CascableApp, and we’ll retweet our favourites!

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Cascable's 2016 In Review

Cascable has had a great 2016!

Just four months ago, we released Cascable 2.0 with support for over 50 WiFi-enabled cameras, adding Nikon, Olympus, and Sony to our list of supported manufacturers. We’ve been absolutely blown away by some of the great things our users have been doing with and saying about our apps!

It's a FANTASTIC app that's well designed, full of great features and extremely useful. You're crazy if you own an Olympus camera with Wi-Fi and haven't bought this yet. Cascable is a must-have accessory.

— App Store Review

Since then, we’ve not slowed down — a month later, we released Cascable 2.1 with the Quick Proof image editor and high-fidelity RAW rendering and continued with the updates, adding new features and support for more cameras. We also introduced a new member of the family — Cascable Transfer for Mac — which, after a successful public beta, was launched last week.

We’re finishing off the year with a couple of minor updates — Cascable 2.4.1 and Cascable Transfer 1.0.1 fix a few bugs and add support for the brand new Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.

We hope you have a great holiday — we’re slowing down a little to recover, but we’ll be back in full force in the new year as we start work on some major new features for the Cascable family.

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We’ll be posting handy tips and tricks on this blog, and you can subscribe to our RSS feed here.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for byte-sized looks into life at Cascable.

You can subscribe to our email newsletter. It’s very low-volume, and we’ll use it to send you the occasional email about Cascable updates and new features.

Cascable Transfer for Mac Released, and New Supported Cameras for Everyone!

We’re happy to announce a new member of the Cascable family: Cascable Transfer for Mac!

Cascable Transfer copies photos from your WiFi-enabled camera to your Mac, optionally importing them directly into your Photos library or Lightroom Catalog. Just like Cascable for iOS, Cascable Transfer supports a multitude of cameras from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony, and fully supports RAW files from all supported cameras.

Cascable Transfer is designed to completely integrate into your photography workflow out-of-the-box — if you use Apple’s Photos app, it will seamlessly add your images into your library without having to configure anything. If you use Lightroom, Cascable Transfer will pick up your Lightroom Catalog and copy images straight into the folder of your choice before adding the images to your catalog.

Making the Most of Cascable: Some Handy Little Tips

When building Cascable, we found that a few little tweaks and touches could make a huge difference when working with the app out in the field. This post discusses a few of our favourite little tips and tricks for when you’re out and about with Cascable.

Force Touch

If your iPhone supports Force Touch, there’s a bunch of time-saving tricks that you can access just by pushing a little harder:

  • Jump straight to the section of Cascable that you’re after directly from your phone’s home screen. Force Touch Cascable’s app icon and you’re away.
  • Cascable’s shutter button can work just like the one on your real camera! Press gently to focus, Force Touch to fire the shutter.
  • If you’ve upgraded to Cascable ★PRO then you can already get a hi-res full screen preview of the photos on your camera, without having to copy them to your phone first, just by tapping on the photos’ thumbnails. How about using Force Touch to peek and pop into those photos?

Cascable 2.1 Released!

Cascable 2.0 was released a little over a month ago and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response it’s received from our users and the press alike, and were over the moon to receive a 4.5 star rating from PhotographyBLOG!

However, we haven’t been resting on our laurels! We’ve been listening to your feedback and are pleased to announce the release of Cascable 2.1, which adds a number of improvements to Cascable’s existing tools and a couple of new features we think you’ll love.