Cascable PowerShot Beta Program

We're hard at work on adding support for WiFi-enabled Canon PowerShot cameras to Cascable, and we need your help!

The PowerShot model range is large and varied, so to make sure we can give you the best experience possible, we need to test Cascable with as many PowerShot cameras as we can! To that end, we're announcing the Cascable PowerShot Beta Program!

For more information on what Cascable is, see the Cascable homepage.

To take part in the program, you'll need iOS 11 or higher installed on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, a supported WiFi-enabled camera and a healthy appetite for pushing buttons until stuff breaks. If you have these things, fill out the form below and we'll consider you for the Beta program!

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Which WiFi-enabled PowerShot Camera Do You Have?

Please note: We're only adding support for for Canon PowerShot cameras at this time. If you have a Canon EOS/Rebel/M, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, or Olympus camera, the current version of Cascable supports your camera right now!

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Why Are You Excited About Cascable?

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Please let us know why you're excited about Cascable.

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