Calling all Eclipse Hunters: Improvements to Recipes Available on TestFlight!

We’ve been working on improvements to our Recipes automation tool recently, with a few features specifically asked for by folks expecting to shoot the solar eclipse that’s coming up soon. Unfortunately, these improvements are scheduled for a larger update to the app that’s now been delayed well past the eclipse.

It’d be a shame to miss such an exciting event, so we’ve put together a special build of Cascable that’s our current app with these Recipes improvements added. This build won’t be available on the App Store (these new features will be Cascable 7 though, scheduled for later in the year), and we’re instead releasing it on TestFlight.

Important: This is pre-release software and is likely to contain bugs. Please contact customer support with any feedback - we’ll be paying close attention and hope to fix any particularly egregious issues that pop up before the eclipse comes along.

Also Important: Please take note of the behaviour of the new Recipes blocks below involving time. We’re specifically looking for feedback on this. Recipes made with the new features will not open in shipping versions of Cascable 6.x (but will work in Cascable 7 once it’s released).

New Recipes Features

* These blocks will wait or repeat until the next instance of the given time. That means if you have a “Wait Until 12:00” block that gets executed at 12:01, it’ll wait for 23 hours and 59 minutes. We’re looking for feedback on this behaviour.

How To Join

This TestFlight build is available to paid users of Cascable whether you’re subscribed or purchased the non-subscription option. To apply:

  1. Open the Cascable app on your device and navigate to Help → Give Feedback.

  2. Tap the button to send in email feedback and let us know you’d like to take part. This in-app button will attach information to the email that lets us verify you’re a paid user.

  3. Once we’ve seen your email, we’ll send an invite to the TestFlight.

Keep In Touch!

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