Photo Managment

Cascable’s photo management tools display the photos on the connected camera as well as any photos copied into Cascable.

To copy a photo from a connected camera, tap the button next the the photo’s name. If you’re copying a RAW+JPEG photo, Cascable will either ask which one you want to copy, or automatically choose based on your settings. Once the photo has finished copying, it will be available to view even when the camera is disconnected.

To delete one or more copied photos, tap the “Select” button and tap the desired photos. Then, tap the button and confirm the deletion. The chosen photos will no longer be available to view.

To view a copied photo, tap the photo’s thumbnail. In the full-screen view that appears, you can swipe left and right to switch between copied photos.

Advanced Features

To quickly preview a photo on your camera, Force Touch or tap its thumbnail in the photo list. From here, you can zoom and pan the photo, and choose to copy it.

To quickly copy or delete many photos from your camera, tap the “Quick Select” button at the top of the photo list and configure your filter. Tap “Apply” to select photos matching your filter.

To view only a subset of the photos copied to your iOS device, tap the button to expand the filter bar. From here you can narrow down your photos by date, file type and text search. Text search supports the following attributes in your photos, depending on your camera: