Shutter Robot

Shutter Robot helps you with shots that require specific timing or multiple shutter invocations.

To configure and use Shutter Robot, tap the button in the toolbar in Cascable’s remote control.

Choosing a Module

Shutter Robot provides several different options for working with the shutter. Each one of these is called a module. To pick a module, tap the name of the current module at the top of the Shutter Robot configuration popup and pick a new one from the list. Cascable provides the following modules:

Configuring a Module

Once chosen, a module’s settings will be displayed in the middle section of the Shutter Robot configuration popup, along with an estimate of how many photos the module will produce.

To adjust a setting, tap it to display a new panel for configuring that setting. Once configured, tap the Robot button at the top of the panel.

The available settings are as follows:


Bulb Timer

Note: If you have Mirror Lockup enabled on your camera, Shutter Robot will flip the mirror up and wait three seconds before opening the shutter for Bulb Timer.


Exposure Bracketing

Engaging Shutter Robot

Once Shutter Robot is configured, you must engage it before it’ll take over. To do this, tap the green Engage button at the bottom of the Shutter Robot popup. Once engaged, the Shutter Robot icon in the toolbar will highlight. Once engaged, you can dismiss the popup and compose your shot.

Shutter Robot will jump into action when you tap the shutter button in Cascable. When running, a progress bar on the shutter button will inform you of Shutter Robot’s progress.

If Shutter Robot can’t engage for some reason (for example, perhaps the Intervalometer configuration will produce more photographs than will fit on your memory card), the Engage button will be replaced with a notice that there are one or more problems. Tap on this notice to see a detailed explanation of the problem(s) and help with fixing them.