Troubleshooting Pro Webcam Not Communicating With Other Apps

IMPORTANT: If you’re running macOS 12.3 Monterey or higher, this issue was resolved in Cascable Pro Webcam version 1.4. You can update by choosing “Check for Updates…” in Cascable Pro Webcam or by downloading the latest version here.


You’re seeing the Cascable Pro Webcam test card in your webcam-using apps (Zoom, FaceTime, etc) even through Pro Webcam is running. Pro Webcam is reporting “No apps using Cascable Pro Webcam.” despite that not being the case.


This is often caused by VPN or other network security software interrupting Cascable Pro Webcam’s ability to communicate with other apps. Having such software installed — even if it isn’t currently active — can cause problems if it’s aggressive enough.

First, try rebooting your Mac with your VPN or other security software disabled. If Pro Webcam still can’t communicate with other apps, try removing the VPN or other security software entirely.