Uninstalling Cascable Pro Webcam

If you need to remove Cascable Pro Webcam from your computer, you can download our simple uninstaller below. Once the uninstaller has finished, you can simply throw it in the Trash.

Download Pro Webcam Uninstaller

The uninstaller may prompt you to run it from your Applications folder, and may ask for your admin password more than once. This is normal.

Manual Removal

If you would instead prefer to remove Cascable Pro Webcam manually, you can do so by removing the following files — moving them into the Trash and emptying it is sufficient.

Important: If you are using macOS Monterey 12.3 or later, the process for manually removing the Cascable Pro Webcam system extension involves temporarily changing your computer’s security settings and entering commands into a terminal. If you are uncomfortable with this, please use the uninstaller above, which will quickly and safely remove the system extension even if you’ve manually removed everything else.

Make sure that you quit Cascable Pro Webcam and any other applications that might be using its plugin or system extension (FaceTime, Skype, QuickTime Player, Zoom, etc) before starting.