Cascable Transfer Discount for iOS Users

If you’ve purchased any Cascable for iOS ★PRO Packs, you qualify for a 50% discount on your purchase of Cascable Transfer for Mac!

Claiming Your Discount

Before we start, make sure you’ve updated Cascable on your iOS device to version 2.4 or later, and that your purchases are available on the iOS device you’re using.

Once you’re all up-to-date, navigate to Cascable’s settings, tap the Purchases section, then scroll down and tap Claim Cascable Transfer Discount….

Enter your email address and tap Request Discount. Cascable will verify your eligibility (an Internet connection is required at this point) and display your personal discount code. You will also receive an email containing your discount code and instructions on how to redeem it.

To claim your code, click the link in your email, or visit the Cascable Transfer page and click Buy. After entering your details, enter your code into the Coupon Code field of the second page to claim your discount.


Discount Terms and Conditions