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Cascable is designed to be as fast and intuitive as possible no matter your photography experience. Supported by iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 13.5 or later, Cascable is available to all. Best of all, it's free to get started!

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Cascable supports more than 200 cameras from the biggest names in the game with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Phase One, and Sony all included.

USB image importing is supported by hundreds more, making Cascable the app that should be in every photographer's kit.

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Work Your Way — From Capture
to Review

Shooting with Cascable's remote control tools puts the most important buttons front and center – exposure controls, focus, and shutter release are all there and ready to go.

For more in-depth control, Cascable's Quick Menu gives quick access to everything you need — camera settings, app settings, and more.

If you'd rather Cascable take a back seat, it can instead become a tether* — allowing you to shoot on the camera itself while Cascable displays your shots onscreen or on a connected external display using Photo Review.

Once your shoot is complete, Cascable continues this flexibility into its photo management tools, which are available for both WiFi and USB cameras. Whether you prefer a big, beautiful grid of thumbnails or a compact, information-dense list displaying image metadata, Cascable has you covered.

* Tethering and Photo Review are only supported by some cameras.
Check our camera compatibility page for details.

Bringing RAW File Workflows To iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

★PRO Feature

Available via an In-App Purchase

Fujifilm, IXUS/ELPH, and older PowerShot and Panasonic cameras don't allow access to RAW images over WiFi. Check our WiFi camera compatibility page for details.

Unlike other apps, Cascable makes it easy to view, copy, and work with RAW images from supported cameras. RAW+JPEG workflows are also supported.

Cascable turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a fully mobile RAW archive, making the filtering and exporting of RAW files easier than ever. Just send them to a supported app and get on with what needs to be done – whether that's data archival, post-processing, or just sharing to Instagram!

What's more, the P3 color gamut of modern iPhones and iPads makes them perfect for viewing and editing RAW images on the go. Your work never looked so good!

USB Storage Devices at the Ready

★PRO Feature

Available via an In-App Purchase

Photographers should spend their time taking great photos, not managing files. Cascable's Storage Links feature means photos can be automatically copied from one storage location to another as they become available.

Link to a USB storage device and your images will automatically be backed up for safekeeping. All without any input from you.

No More Being Blinded During Night Time Shoots

★PRO Feature

Available via an In-App Purchase

Some types of photography can only happen at night but using a brightly-lit app can be a real pain. Cascable's Night Mode makes it easier to concentrate on what's important – getting the shot without being blinded by your device.

Automation Takes Care Of The Complication

★PRO Feature

Available via an In-App Purchase

Fumbling with settings not only ruins the fun of photography, but it can also cause you to miss a shot entirely. Cascable's Shutter Robot makes complicated shots a cinch by automating for specific scenarios. They include long exposures with Bulb Timer, time lapse movies with Intervalometer, and multiple exposures for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photos with Exposure Bracketing.

Don't see an automation that fits the bill? Shutter Robot's Recipes mean you can build the right automation to suit your own specific needs.

Recipes In-Depth →

Powerful Geotagging Tools

Geotagging is a great way to group images and it's as simple as dragging and dropping them to where they should be on a map. ★PRO users can also enjoy automatic tagging and corrections for data like timezones and clock mismatches.

Cascable plays nicely with other geotagging apps, supporting the industry-standard GPX format.

Assisting The Nitty Gritty of Photography

As much as automation can make taking photos easier, sometimes photographers need to take the reins. Cascable has features that help out here as well, with calculators that help figure out shutter times, inform when an ND filter is needed, and more.

Focus peaking is also included for all supported cameras.

Size Doesn't Matter

Cascable works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. Whether you're previewing images on an iPad, using an iPhone to make configuration changes, or remote triggering a shot with your Apple Watch – Cascable is there to lend a hand.

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