Cascable Jobs: Full-Time Apple Platforms Software Developer

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Cascable is searching for a full-time Apple Platforms Software Developer for its suite of products across macOS, iOS, watchOS, and Linux (Swift on the Server).

Your day-to-day work will mostly involve planning, implementing, and shipping code across Cascable’s whole suite of products. We work mostly in the Swift programming language upon a variety of platforms and frameworks — AppKit, UIKit, SwiftUI, Vapor (Swift on the Server), and many more. A meaningful portion of the work will be working on connectivity and compatibility between existing and new DSLR and mirrorless cameras and our products.

As well as development work, you’ll also occasionally perform other tasks such as helping set up lighting equipment, holding a camera, and performing general assistance with content creation for marketing and social media. Helping out with various other day-to-day business tasks will also be part of your work. There’s no expectation of any preexisting knowledge for non-development tasks — just the willingness to help out and learn.


Stockholm, Sweden (partially remote). The ability to come into the office in Stockholm (Gamla Stan) at least a couple of days per week (or week on/week off — there’s a lot of flexibility here) is vastly preferred.

Fully remote will be considered for a perfect candidate. This position is for a salaried employee, and Cascable has registered business entities in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Exceptional applicants outside these regions will be considered, but success will depend on the practicality of hiring you. We do not currently offer relocation assistance or visa/work permit sponsorship.

Seniority, Experience & Salary

We’re looking for a great fit more than we’re looking for a specific seniority level or amount of experience. Finding someone able to adapt and perform meaningful work within a changeable environment without stand-ups or scrum masters is more important to us than the number of years you’ve been working or which qualifications you have. We’re looking for someone to help us grow, and to grow with us.

If you don’t quite fit into the requirements below but feel you’re particularly well-suited to this position, apply anyway!

Since we don’t have fixed experience or seniority requirements, the salary for this position isn’t set in stone either. However, you can expect it to be within industry norms here in Sweden for your level of experience.


A successful applicant will meet the following requirements:


On top of the above requirements, having one or more of the following would make you particularly well-suited to the role:

How to Apply

Does this position look good to you? We’re excited to hear from you! Send an email to with the following:

We’ll get in touch within a few business days to discuss next steps.