Cascable 3.6 Released!

We’re excited to announce the release of Cascable 3.6, which includes some powerful new Recipes features and a number of smaller new features. For full release notes, see our Version History page.

Recipes: Focus Stacking, Remote Input, and Burst Shots

We’ve been really happy with how Recipes has been received, and it’s been great seeing the creative automations our users have been coming up with. We’ve been listening to user feedback, and have introduced three new blocks in this update:

There’s a lot of power in the Wait for Input block. Not only can you provide input via on-screen buttons, you can also use a connected Bluetooth or USB keyboard, or any supported Bluetooth accessory, including our own free Recipe Input app for iOS.

The really exciting thing about this is that our Bluetooth accessory protocol is completely open-source, and is powerful enough to allow integrations with supporting hardware such as motorised sliders and more. However, we get started with something a little simpler - a button built from a Raspberry Pi you can use to control your recipes - check it out at our GitHub repo!

For more information on using the Move Focus and Wait for Input blocks, see our new Shutter Robot Recipes: Advanced Features help article.

Other New Features

In addition to these powerful new Recipes features, we’ve introduced a couple of other new features that are really helpful.

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