Introducing our newest app: Photo Scout!

We’re fortunate here at Cascable to be able to do a lot of photography as part of our day jobs, even though we’re not a photography company per se. “Oh, I just need to test out this bug fix!” we’ll hear as an EOS R5 heads out the door. We don’t need to set up the studio lights to write a blog post about an app update, but it sure is fun!

Unfortunately, we do have other work to do, so we can’t spend all of our time poring over weather apps, golden hour timers, and night sky apps to see when conditions would be great for a nice product photo. Even outside of work, I — your humble blog post author — would go on vacation and spend half my time trying to figure out when it was best to drag my lazy backside out of bed to take a photo of the milky way.

The idea of an app to help with this has been brewing here at Cascable for a very long time — originally it was going to be part of the Calculations feature in Cascable for iOS. However, as we worked on the idea, it was clear that this should be a standalone app — not least because it’s something that anyone should be able to use, no matter what camera they use.

Today we’re very proud to announce Photo Scout, your intelligent location assistant. The premise of Photo Scout is fairly simple: you tell it what you want, and we tell you when it’s available with homescreen widgets and push notifications — no checking and re-checking every day, letting you get on with what you need to be doing safe in the knowledge someone is keeping an eye on things for you (well, something - it’s code on servers, much as we’d love to fly out to Hawaii to keep an eye on your beach scene personally!).

It works by combining sets of requirements and a location into “scenes”. When you set up a scene, it’ll be synced to our servers, which will then keep an eye on things for you and let you know when an opportunity to capture your scene is coming up via a push notification or homescreen widget. Back in the app, you can see all of your scenes and upcoming opportunities for them over the next few days.

We’ve got some really innovative features in there — want to know when the sun is in a particular place in the sky? Frame your shot and and tap the location in the sky in AR! Want to use a drone? You can add a wind speed requirement to limit suggested times to those where it’s safe to fly.

During a weekend in Paris earlier this summer, we were able to get some really beautiful shots with Photo Scout.

Photo Scout comes with a no-strings-attached one week free trial, and existing customers of Cascable for iOS can get a discount on their first year. Give it a try!

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