Installing the Cascable Pro Webcam System Extension

If you’re using Cascable Pro Webcam with macOS Monterey 12.3 or higher, you’ll need to install the app’s system extension in order to use your camera as a webcam on your Mac. This system extension is a small component that allows Cascable Pro Webcam to deliver your camera’s video stream to other apps that want to use it.



If you need to install or update the system extension, Cascable Pro Webcam will prompt you to do so. Once you click the “install” button, it’s likely you’ll see the following dialog from macOS:

Don’t worry! This is completely normal — by default, macOS needs you to manually approve system extensions in the System Preferences app. Either click “Open Security Preferences” in this dialog, or manually open the System Preferences app, open Security & Privacy, then go to the General tab.

At the bottom of the panel, you’ll see the following:

Click the padlock at the bottom left and enter your computer’s login password to unlock the panel.

Finally, click “Allow” to approve the system extension, then return to Cascable Pro Webcam to continue.

Note: If you were using webcam-using applications prior to installing or updating the system extension, you may need to restart your computer to restore correct functionality.


The Cascable Pro Webcam system extension will automatically be removed from your computer when you uninstall Cascable Pro Webcam, either by throwing it in the trash, or by using our Uninstaller.


If there’s a problem installing the system extension, Cascable Pro Webcam will inform you of the problem. Common problems include:

If you’re encountering another error and are unable to diagnose the cause, please contact us by clicking the “Support” button at the bottom right of this page. Please include as much detail as you can about the error you’re seeing.