Cascable 3.8.2 Released, and an Apology To Our Fujifilm Users

On January 30th, 2019 we released Cascable 3.8 on the iOS App Store. Unfortunately, this update contained a bug that caused Cascable to crash when connecting to certain Fujifilm cameras.

As soon as we saw the problem, we fixed it and submitted an update (version 3.8.1) to the App Store for approval. This update was approved and released late in the evening of January 31st.

Unfortunately, the App Store encountered a problem in which some apps would fail to update — the update would download and appear to be installed, but an old version of the app would be installed instead. The 3.8.1 update to Cascable was affected by this issue, as were many other apps including Skype, Telegram, and more. You can find a Reddit post describing the issue here.

Apple eventually acknowledged that there was a problem (Twitter link) with the App Store later on February 1st.

During this time, we submitted another update to Cascable, version 3.8.2, with the hope that it’d “unstick” the queue and get our update out. The 3.8.2 update is identical to version 3.8.1 in everything except version number.

Apple approved this version late in the evening on February 1st, but unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. Eventually, the problem resolved itself sometime during the evening of February 2nd.

The Fujifilm connection bug ended up being live in the App Store for a little over three days.

I’d like to take this opportunity to both apologise to and thank our Fujifilm users. While the issues with the App Store made this situation worse, the fact is that we should never have released an update with this bug in it to start with, and we’re putting together procedures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Having a tool you rely on be unavailable for multiple days is absolutely not acceptable, and I’d like to thank everybody who got in touch for being so understanding and patient with us.

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