Making the Most of Cascable: Some Handy Little Tips

When building Cascable, we found that a few little tweaks and touches could make a huge difference when working with the app out in the field. This post discusses a few of our favourite little tips and tricks for when you’re out and about with Cascable.

Force Touch###

If your iPhone supports Force Touch, there’s a bunch of time-saving tricks that you can access just by pushing a little harder:

Live Hi-Res Shot Review###

With supported cameras, Cascable can act as a wireless monitor for automatic review of shots as they’re taken by the person holding the camera.

The physical buttons and dials on your camera are usually disabled when Cascable’s connected via WiFi. However, on supported cameras1, if you disable live view from Cascable’s extended toolbar you can regain control of your camera using its physical buttons.

Disabling Live View

This can be useful in a studio scenario where a photographer is shooting with a camera freehand whilst the shots are being wirelessly reviewed as they’re taken on an iPad. If you set Photo Review’s Automatic Dismissal setting to Manually, shots will come through as they’re taken and stay on screen until the next photo is taken.

Shutter Lock###

When engaged, Shutter Lock keeps the shutter pinned until you tap again. To enable Shutter Lock, first set your camera’s time/shutter value to Bulb, then tap the shutter button with two fingers.

Using Shutter Lock

This is especially useful on the cameras which support Live Bulb, like the Olympuses (Olympii?), as an evolving preview of the shot is streamed through every second or so. Great for night photography or when working with super-dark neutral density filters.

  1. Cameras which support live shot review include Canon EOS xD and xxD, and Nikon SLRs.