iPad Keyboard Shortcut Reference

If you connect a keyboard to your iPad — either via an iPad keyboard case/cover, or a standard keyboard via Bluetooth or USB — you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform a number of tasks in Cascable. You can find a reference of the available keyboard shortcuts on this page.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts are a relatively new addition to the app. If your workflow would benefit from keyboard shortcut(s) that aren’t listed below, contact us via the “Support” button at the bottom-right of this page and tell us!

This reference uses the standard Apple modifier key symbols for brevity. Depending on your keyboard, they may be labelled differently:

SymbolAlternate Labels
Cmd or Command
Opt, Option, or Alt
Ctrl or Control

Note: The symbols may not be visible in your web browser if you’re viewing this page on an operating system other than macOS, iOS, or iPadOS. If you don’t see them, try a different web browser or view this page on an Apple device.

In-App Reference

At any time when using Cascable, hold the ⌘ key for a few moments and a list of available keyboard shortcuts will appear. Note that if many shortcuts are available, the list can scroll horizontally.

Shortcut Reference: General

These shortcuts are available in most parts of the Cascable main window when in general use (i.e., a popup or some other element isn’t blocking access to the main app UI).

⌘1Switch to the Remote Control mode
⌘2Switch to the Calculations mode
⌘3Switch to the Geotagging mode
⌘4Switch to the Photos mode
⌘5Switch to the Recipe Editor mode
⌘KConnect to a new camera
⌘⇧KReconnect to the last connected camera

Shortcut Reference: Remote Control

These shortcuts are available when using the Remote Control mode of Cascable.

⌘⏎ (Return)Take a photo, or start/stop Shutter Robot
⌘⌥1Show the Aperture setting
⌘⌥2Show the Shutter Speed setting
⌘⌥3Show the ISO setting
⌘⌥4Show the Exposure Compensation setting
⌘←Decrease the current setting
⌘→Increase the current setting

Shortcut Reference: Photos

⌘NCreate a new Storage Link
⌘ASelect all current (i.e., filtered) images in the current storage location

Shortcut Reference: Rating Images

These shortcuts are available when rating images is appropriate and available. This includes:

0Remove the rating from the image(s)
1Rate the image(s) 1 star
2Rate the image(s) 2 stars
3Rate the image(s) 3 stars
4Rate the image(s) 4 stars
5Rate the image(s) 5 stars
XRate the image(s) as rejected

Shortcut Reference: Recipes Editor

These shortcuts are available when editing Recipes.

⌘NCreate a new Recipe
⌘OOpen an existing Recipe
⌘WClose the current Recipe
⌘RRun simulation
⌘BInsert block from selected template
⌘↑Move the selected block up
⌘↓Move the selected block down