★PRO Features

It's free to get started with Cascable — straight out the App Store it'll change the way you work with your WiFi-enabled camera.

When you're ready to take the next step, Cascable is primed and ready. It's a powerful tool with advanced features waiting to be unlocked via In-App Purchase, either as a one-off purchase of $29.99 (or your local equivalent) or as a subscription starting from $2 per month.

The table below details Cascable's features and if they require Cascable Pro.

Remote Control
Connect to 100+ models of camera from
Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic & Sony
Included for free.
Full exposure control Included for free.
Overlays (histogram, gridlines) Included for free.
Focus Peaking ★PRO
Zebra Stripes ★PRO
Shot Review (excluding Fujifilm and Panasonic models) ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Self Timer Included for free.
Shutter Robot: Bulb Timer ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Intervalometer ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Exposure Bracketing ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Recipes ★PRO
Neutral Density Filter Included for free.
Sharp Stars Included for free.
View geotagged photos on a map Included for free.
Manually geotag photos by drag-and-dropping them onto the map Included for free.
Record your location history over time Included for free.
Use your recorded location history to automatically geotag photos ★PRO
Import and export industry standard GPX files for interoperability with other apps ★PRO
Embed geotags into the EXIF metadata of exported JPEG images ★PRO
Photo Management
List all photos and copy JPEGs from camera Included for free.
Copy RAW photos from camera (excluding Fujifilm models) ★PRO
Delete photos from camera Included for free.
Preview files directly from camera ★PRO
Select remote photos by filter ★PRO
Link storage devices together for automatic copying of images ★PRO
View, share, delete local photos Included for free.
Apply IPTC ratings to local photos ★PRO
Metadata & histogram in fullscreen photo viewer Included for free.
Apply adjustments to your photos with Quick Proof ★PRO
Search & filter local photos ★PRO
View photos on an external display ★PRO
Night Mode
App-wide dark theme ★PRO